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We produce stories worthy of retelling.

We tell the complete life story of those who pay the ultimate price for our freedom.

Working with the families and friends of the Fallen, we employ professional writers to produce a full biography honoring the life and sacrifice made by each military service person.

We produce books in print and digital formats, as well as video documentaries, that are given to the next of kin at no cost to them and sold at retail to extended family, friends, and interested members of the public.

We are a non-profit that serves the memory of those who have served.

Apply today to have us produce and publish the story of your fallen loved one.

What's your story?

Publishing a biography about your loved one keeps the memory of them alive and passes on their full story to future generations.

This not only helps you in your grieving, but it also brings hope and healing to others who have also lost a loved one.

We want to tell the complete story of your fallen loved one in order to honor their life and their sacrifice.

Whether he or she fell ill, was  injured during training, or was fatally wounded during combat, we are honored to tell the story.

Our staff and volunteers will work with you to prepare and publish an accurate and professionally written biography.

When completed, you will receive a hard bound edition at no cost, and others will have the opportunity to purchase it in print or digital format. We also produce video biographies when possible.

We will donate a copy of the materials to the Tennesssee library system so that countless others may be positively affected by life your loved one led.

Would you like us to help tell your loved one's story?

Support what we do.

We publish print media.

We publish and distribute full-length biographies in printed hard cover books

We mint challenge coins.

We design and produce challenge coins as keepsakes in memory of fallen veterans

We publish digital media.

We post quality and in-depth content to social platforms, join radio and broadcast interviews

We support families.

We support immediate family members of fallen veterans

We allocate every dollar.

We responsibly save, spend, and give in ways that make the most impact 

Meet our team.

Dennis E. Schroader, Sr.


Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Dennis Schroader Sr. is the founder of the Price of Freedom Foundation.

Dennis was born into a military family in 1956, moving many times until he entered high school. He went to college on an Army ROTC scholarship and subsequently began his own 24-year military career, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Dennis held various management roles in several companies since his military retirement, most recently with AmerAssist and Chamberlain University.

Dennis and his wife Penny moved to White House, Tennessse, three years ago and plan to make it their home for the foreseeable future.

Dennis has five adult children and ten grandchildren.

Dennis holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Seattle University and a Master of Education from the University of Puget Sound.

Timothy C. Dunn

Board Member

Timothy C. Dunn is a founding board member of the Price of Freedom Foundation.
Mr. Dunn is a business attorney and member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators who use his skillset advance the work of the Price of Freedom Foundation.
Mr. Dunn grew up in the greater Nashville area calls it his home. After earning his bachelor's degree in Global Studies from the University of Tennessse Knoxville and his MBA from Indiana University of Indianapolis, he founded Quantum Law and Consulting where he provides businesses and individuals with a range of legal solutions. 

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