Some military assignments are full of action.

Constant deployments, high ops tempo, endless exercises and long working hours are all features of these stressful posts.

Then there are the other kind of postings. The ones that make the former feel like a distant memory. They provide a much-needed break from the hustle and time to reconnect with yourself and those that are closest to you.

For Alfonso, that assignment was his first shore duty tour in Yokohama, Japan.

It appears that he had the time to vacation around the nearby area in Japan and in his native Philippines. Two of his three children were born and he appears content with the life he's been gifted. No worries about what might lie ahead for him and his young family.

Knowing the Future

One of things that's interesting about writing a biography is knowing how someone's story will progress and eventually end.

When we're living our lives in the middle of it all, we don't have such foresight. All we can do is live day by day and hope things turn out alright.

That aspect of living keeps things interesting and exciting. It makes every moment precious.

In this moment, we see Alfonso relishing those moments. Taking advantage of every sunny day before clouds of uncertainty roll in.

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